Player Membership

Get access to your membership information, stats and much more. It only takes a couple of minutes to join Australia’s largest pool league. The BCAPL Registration fee is $30 for the season, and this will be confirmed/collected via your Diamond League Player Rep at your venue. Once verified, you will be set up in our LMS – League Management System to track your progress.

Member Benefits


The BCA Pool League has a tradition of excellence since 1979 and is the largest independent league sanctioning body with nearly 500 leagues in 46 states and 8 countries. Being a part of this structure gives your league instant credibility and stature.

Comprehensive Rulebook

The national BCAPL office has developed and maintains a comprehensive rulebook that has become widely accepted as the best rules in the industry. Every two years, the rulebook is updated and released to league members.

League Only Events

The Diamond League has league member ONLY events, Divisional Singles events, Scotch Doubles & Handicapped Singles. This keeps the money collected within the league coffers that the members directly contribute to, rewarding its members.

Eligibility For National Championships

Members of BCAPL sanctioned leagues are eligible to compete in the BCAPL National Championships held in Las Vegas, Nevada each year. With over 30 singles, doubles, and team events, it has been dubbed “The Greatest Pool Tournament in the World!”

Fargop Rate Player App

Each sanctioned member receives a personal membership login with his or her membership number. You will also have a player ID that will stay with you for life in the Diamond League.

Individual Statistics

The Diamond League offers the most comprehensive measure of your performance in any league in the country. Via the Fargo Rate player app you will have historical data, see your 6 monthly or 12 monthly performance and across each & every opponent in a head to head comparison in ANY Fargo Rate connected event globally. We even have data on your performances in Diamond League events to track your progress. We will even have your BCA Nationals results too.

Membership Form

Please fill out the form below, and one of our team will get in contact with you.

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